IT Asset Solutions

35+ years of global experience maximizing IT asset value recovery and destroying data.

ITAD Solutions & IT Asset Buybacks

NextUse is a National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) AAA-certified ITAD company, that securely, completely and compliantly destroys data. Our ITAD processes are routinely audited, our facility surveilled, and our employees trained extensively. We are experts in IT asset buybacks and data destruction. Our proprietary data wiping equipment makes certain that there is never any data remaining. NextUse leadership has established global relationships over the past 35+ years to help all clients maximize their IT asset recovery.

ITAD Solutions

NextUse is your complete NAID AAA-certified ITAD solution. Learn how we can help maximize your IT infrastructure’s value.

Data Destruction

Safely destroy your data using certified turn-key technologies.


Audit, erase and destroy all of your decommissioned equipment.


Are you moving your data center? Transport your data equipment safely and securely with NextUse.


The complete NAID AAA certified ITAD solution.

Data Destruction

Safely destroy your data using our certified turn-key technologies.


Audit, erase and destroy all of your decomissioned equipment.


Transport your data equipment safely and securely.

Are the People Accessing Your Data Certified?

NextUse has achieved an AAA certification from the National Association For Information Destruction, to provide onsite and offsite data solutions that are guaranteed to be secure and comply with regulations.


What risks are you exposed to by not destroying your data at a certified facility?


Can you certify that the people with access to your data are compliant?

Onsite & Offsite

How can you certify your data is secure when it leaves your facility?

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“At NextUse, we are committed to delivering a superior customer experience. Our proven expertise will help you safely and securely manage your IT assets with confidence.”

Jeff Londres, CEO

What is a NAID AAA Certification? How Does NAID Protect Your Data?

Recognized as the gold standard, the National Association for Information Destruction certifies only the most capable companies to handle data.

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