For IT Asset Disposition services, cost does not correlate with qualifications or quality. A quote from several ITAD vendors for the exact same services will get you a wide range of pricing, and higher-priced vendors are not necessarily the ones with the best certifications.

As part of my project management role for NextUse clients, I’ve been aligning partners with jobs, and here are some pro-tips:

1. Start with a strong, relevant #certification for what you need to have done, such as NAID: National Association for Information Destruction AAA for #datasecurity and #datadestruction, and R2 or e-Stewards for responsible #recycling.

2. Look for qualified vendors with processing facilities close to the job site, as transportation fees are the number one inflator of cost with no value-add to the client.

3. Expect to see a range of prices, some as high as 3x-5x the cost of the lowest quote, with no justification.

4. Keep your cost down by allowing the vendor to data-sanitize and resell everything of value, then split the revenue.

5. Define exactly what is required for services, reporting, and timeframe.

6. If you don’t frequently do ITAD projects, partner with an #ITAD vendor that does, and whom for a modest fee or portion of the #revenueshare can help you avoid costly errors.