Data Center Equipment Buybacks

The best place to sell your used servers & networking equipment

The #1 buyback program for data center owner-operators and lessees.

Whether you’re a data center operator or an enterprise leasing colocation space, partnering with NextUse to sell your servers and IT equipment is a smart move. As a lessee, not only will you help the environment, you’ll also either increase your revenue or cut your operating costs with our program to either refurbish your servers and equipment or responsibly recycle them. As an owner-operator, you can benefit from our lucrative referral program.

Either way, you end up with added revenue and peace of mind.

Benefits of Selling IT Gear with Us

Fast Asset ID

Simply upload your asset list including all available details. 

  • Model number
  • Configuration information
  • Purchase date
  • Service tag


We evaluate your assets and give you a report with fair market values.

  • Fast turnaround
  • 24-48 hour response
  • Offers good for 30 days


Your transaction is quick and customized.

  • Account setup
  • Freight/logistics management
  • Equipment pick-up
  • Certificates of destruction

We accept all brands

Servers & Storage Equipment

Networking Equipment

Lessees get money back or a reduction in OPEX.

Owner-operators get referral cash on closed deals.

If equipment is damaged, non-functioning, or beyond salvageable, a cash offer may not be feasible. But good news! If we cannot make an offer and data destruction is required, we’ll provide economic options that may reduce operating expenses.

Packaging your Equipment
NextUse refurbishes and sells used top quality gear, and we maintain this quality every step of the way. Please help us protect product quality by packaging your item safely to prevent damage in transit.

Shipping your Equipment
After you accept our offer, we’ll send you a shipping label so you get will get paid fast. You clear out your data center space, recycle outdated equipment, get paid for it, and sleep easy knowing you’re in compliance with industry standards. We sell this used gear that would otherwise clutter already-overflowing landfills. Doesn’t doing the right thing for the environment feel great?

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