Data Destruction

Are you searching for a solution to securely destroy your data?

Blog: The Difference Between R2 and NAID Certifications

Keep Your Data Secure

Nextuse will customize a solution to meet your data destruction needs. Not sure where to start? Our team will help you understand what would be the best option.


Destroy your data while preserving your equipment for future use or resale.


Destroy your data by putting it through our shredder at your facility.


NSA approved equipment is used to erase data by applying a powerful magnetic field.

How To Destroy Your Data for Free

If you want to quickly destroy your data for free, Nextuse has established relationships that make this possible.
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Are you searching for a solution to securely destroy your data? Our team will work closely with you to make sure that your data is being destroyed in a way that protects you from any problems with security or compliance.

What is a NAID AAA Certification? How Does NAID Protect Your Data?

Recognized as the gold standard, the National Association for Information Destruction certifies only the most capable companies to handle data.

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