Are you planning a decommission?

Our Process

NextUse performs a certified process to evaluate, test, audit, erase, verify, destroy, dispose, and certify your data.


Help you determine what NAID AAA certified solutions you need.

Test & Audit

Certified technologies test and audit your decommissioned equipment.


Destroy your data while preserving your equipment for future use or resale.


Certified redundancy processes in place to verify the destruction of your data.

Destroy & Audit

Equipment that fails initial testing, will be audited and destroyed.

Recycle & Disposition

Destroyed equipment is certified to be safely recycled


Decommissioning is completed by certificates of destruction and audit reports.

Decommissioning Your Data Center

Decommissioning your data center will be a comprehensive process, involving technical, legal, and business input. NextUse will manage every aspect of the technical requirements needed to successfully decommission your data center.

Decommissioning Experts Since 1985
Are you planning a decommission? Nextuse has the capabilities to decommission data centers and maximize your ROI on IT asset disposition.

Maximize Your Return

NextUse will maximize return on all your IT assets. Our team has worked to establish strategic global relationships over the past 35+ years, which means both our enterprise and SMB customers benefit and get the best return on investment.

What is a NAID AAA Certification? How Does NAID Protect Your Data?

Recognized as the gold standard, the National Association for Information Destruction certifies only the most capable companies to handle data.

Certified Team

The Nextuse team and processes are certified and experienced at decommissioning.

“At NextUse, we are committed to delivering a superior customer experience. Our proven expertise will help you safely and securely manage your IT assets with confidence.”

Jeff Londres

CEO, NextUse

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