Do you think sourcing quality used hard drives backed by reliable, NAID certified vendors is an impossible task? Well, think again!

When checking my voicemail recently I got a pleasant surprise from one of my clients. Here is a paraphrasing of this international customer’s message:

I just came from lunch with my biggest client in a new market we’re penetrating. His company uses your drives for different recording devices and had previously bought 800 pieces of your hard drive stock from me.  He just informed me that he wanted to purchase the remaining 400 I had left because he is so inspired by your quality and is so grateful. He had never experienced such quality before now. We haven’t gotten any returns of your product. Thank you for this awesome stock! Going through all of your stock in two months in a completely new market was very fast. I look forward to buying more.

It was so nice to get kudos from our client and hear the praise of his largest customer, but I can’t say I was surprised by the comment on our hard drive quality. Our quality is unmatched. How so? It boils down to our process and certifications.

Simply put, we specialize in data security and data destruction, with a state-of the art lab containing cutting-edge systems and software that enable us to:

  • Verify drive integrity
  • Repair failed disks using the same equipment and methods as major OEMs
  • Overwrite drives with any combination of characters in any sequence
  • Verify that the original data is irretrievable
  • Degauss or physically destroy/shred drives when resale is not an option

NextUse holds a National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) AAA certification for sanitizing data off numerous hard drive types in our facilities and at client sites. We are certified for all outcomes, including leaving the drives reusable, disabling them from further use, and physically destroying them. At a time when sustainable reuse is far more preferable to recycling, we’re ideally positioned to produce top quality reusable drives.

When dealing with brokers and resellers, I’m frequently told that they can source hard drives cheaper than NextUse. I explain that our costs are slightly higher than the industry average due to our infrastructure investment, our NAID-defined protocols, and the time, power consumption, and manpower needed to achieve our standard: that no drive is resold unless it’s 100% working and wiped clean of data.

Sometimes they go with the competition anyway. But more often than not, they get burned and come back to me, usually sooner than later.  Clients keep working with us year after year once they recognize the quality of our product and the positive impact on their:

  • Reputation
  • Revenue
  • Client acquisition and retention
  • Market share

Want to explore how we can help you with the purchase and sale of your hard drives? Contact me at 603-834-9441.

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