Helping NextUse execute #datacenter #decommissioning and #ITequipment takeouts, I’ve realized that there’s more danger than losing control of data. IT Asset Disposition is #hazardous duty!

Client-site #ITAD work requires care and diligence to avoid #injury while quickly and cost-effectively:

◾️ Taking apart IT infrastructure inside constrained, crowded spaces.

◾️ Loading, moving, and unloading very heavy and cumbersome pallet-loads of gear.

◾️ Packing trucks with heavy, awkward Tetris shapes.

◾️ Transporting very large, heavily loaded trucks.

Every step of the process comes with risk to personnel of:

◾️ Thin, sharp metal edges cutting.

◾️ Heavy, bulky weights crushing fingers, toes, or limbs.

◾️ Bruising limbs, torsos, and heads.

◾️ Breaking digits or limbs.

◾️ Falling into open holes, from liftgates or loading docks.

◾️ Tripping over numerous objects on the floor.

◾️ Jack-knifing a loaded truck.

◾️ Wedging a truck under a low overpass.

◾️ Getting into a traffic accident.

◾️ Unexpected powered devices electrocuting.

◾️ Catching COVID.

◾️ Pulling muscles/getting back injuries.

How have I been doing?
I have enough working fingers left to type this post. 🙂
I also have a healthy respect for the work ITAD crews do every day!

#itassetmanagement #workplacesafety