NextUse Quick Switch

In the wake of Arrow Electronics’ announcement on July 15 that it will be shuttering its asset disposition business, NextUse is offering a remedy to Arrow customers and partners.

Arrow announced that it has initiated actions to close its personal computer and mobility asset disposition business as well as its enterprise ITAD and data center decommissioning services and expects operations will cease by the end of 2019. In an open letter to its customers, Arrow noted that July 22 is the last day to schedule pickups and August 5 is the last day shipments will be received.

Ethical, thorough and certified IT asset disposition (ITAD) practices are critical as more and more businesses migrate to the cloud. The global IT asset disposition market is expected to grow to be worth $19 billion by 2022 and Arrow’s departure from the space has its clients scrambling to fill the void.

In order to alleviate the pain and panic felt by these organizations, NextUse has announced its Quick Switch program. This program includes free pickups within the US, a fast-track bidding process, and a custom onboarding program in order to accommodate Arrow clients and projects with defined timelines during this transition period.

“As a NAID AAA-certified organization, NextUse is an ideal fit for former Arrow customers. We not only have AAA certification in data destruction, but we also have the experience and bandwidth to assist Arrow clients without an adverse effect on operations,” said NextUse CEO, Jeff Londres. “With our main headquarters in New Hampshire and partnerships around the world, we can seamlessly transition Arrow customers to our ITAD program as well as offer them credit on refurbished equipment.

According to Londres, NextUse is equipped to decommission, recycle and refurbish all types of electronic hardware in an environmentally responsible manner. In addition, the company offers significant asset value recovery for IT managers seeking a return on investment for assets nearing their end of life or end-of-service contracts.

“Organizations of all sizes want to partner with responsible, sustainable, and fully certified data destruction companies and trust is paramount. With over 35 years in the IT asset disposition space, NextUse IS that partner and we are here to help,” added Londres. “Arrow clients can contact our team of professionals at or +1-603-834-9444. Our team is ready to assist with all their electronics recycling and ITAD needs, and can get a transition plan in place quickly.”