Some shocking results from a recent study conducted by a UK-based IT Asset Disposition vendor showing that only 33% of the companies surveyed are safeguarding the data on their retired #ITassets.

◾️ Study results were released in late January 2021 from research conducted with over 250 senior decision-makers with responsibility for #greeninitiatives in both private and public sector organizations.

◾️ #Sustainability remains a clear priority, despite plans being derailed due to the pandemic, and organizations are keen to do more to combat #ewaste.

◾️ 20% of organizations still send their unwanted #IThardware to a #landfill.

◾️ 40% of organizations donate old IT hardware to charities or schools.

◾️ Only 33% send their redundant devices to an #ITAD facility.

◾️ 23% of organizations keep their old devices on-site due to concerns over company data falling into the wrong hands.

With #environmentallaw and regulations, I’m amazed that any besides the smallest companies are getting away with sending IT assets containing heavy metals and other toxic materials to a landfill.

Unstated in the survey results is what, if anything, companies throwing out, donating, or hoarding IT assets may be trying to do for #datadestruction, as each scenario provides ample opportunity for #dataloss.